Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fall is just around the corner!

As the weather starts to cool and we start heading towards fall one thing is almost certain,  your furnace will soon again be used regularly. So now is a great time to get a furnace checkup and do some routine maintenance. You need to make sure your furnace gets the attention it needs.

There is a simple and easy way to insure that your furnace is getting the attention it needs, and that’s by changing the furnace filter.  Changing the filter on your furnace is very easy, yet very important.  It takes only a few minutes to replace a furnace filter, yet the benefits are huge!  Replacing your furnace's filter regularly helps keep your heating and cooling costs low, while providing you cleaner air at the same time.

As furnace filters get dirty, they start to catch and accumulate more dust up to a certain point.  Then, if the furnace filter is not changed, it will begin to restrict airflow. This causes your furnace to work much harder to heat and cool your home because it must run longer, thus using more electricity.

So call Kappl Heating and Air Conditioning today and set up a time to have your fall furnace checkup completed!