Monday, April 7, 2014

5 Tips for Preparing your HVAC System for Spring

This time of year, most folks turn their attention to cleaning up their homes for summer with thoughts of backyard barbeques and parties foremost in their minds. While you’re getting ready for the long, lazy days of summer don’t forget to spare some care for your HVAC system too. Invest a little time getting your HVAC system ready for the coming season with these five simple steps: 1.) Replace your filters. Sometimes it’s the simple things, like routine maintenance that matter most. During the warm months of high AC use, clean or replace your HVAC filters at least once every four weeks. Dirty filters can cause your unit to seize up or even completely break down. Clean filters allow air to flow freely to the unit and help reduce the level of indoor air pollution by removing contaminants and particulates from the air. 2.) Evaluate your ductwork. Your ventilation system, or “ductwork,” is an important part of your home’s heating and air conditioning system. With holes and leaks in the ducts, you continually lose air that you are paying to cool. Holes and cracks can cost as much as 20 percent of your total energy bill. Seal holes and cracks in the duct system and make sure all connectors are airtight. Your ductwork collects dirt, dust, mold and a host of other contaminants just by running the air conditioner. So it’s a wise decision to have professional air duct cleaning performed every few years. A professional cleaning removes the pollutants from your ductwork, improving the quality of the air that you and your family breathe. Duct cleaning also optimizes airflow through ductwork, providing the free flow of air to your air conditioning system. This means your AC won’t have to work so hard to cool your home and saving money on your utility bills. 3.) Test your air conditioner. Before the hot summer days roll in test your air conditioning system by briefly turning it on. If your AC needs repairs, you’ll have some time to schedule a service call before the season hits in full force. 4.) Clear obstructions and clean around the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit of your HVAC system contains the compressor a vital component responsible for transforming refrigerant from a gas into a liquid state and back again. To ease the strain on your compressor, clear any obstructions away from the outdoor unit. Keep yard items like, plants, bushes, bikes, and any other objects at least two feet away from the unit. Clear away any debris that has collected around the unit and vacuum or blow leaves and dirt out of the cage. 5.) Schedule an annual HVAC tune-up. You can keep your HVAC system running better and using less energy with an annual tune-up. We offer annual HVAC tune-ups that’ll get your system in tip top shape for summer. To simplify things schedule your annual tune-up now so that your ready for summer.